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XYplorer Crack

XYplorer 22.30 Crack is an advanced file explorer that can be a good alternative to Windows default file explorer. The XYplorer license key has the following characteristics: file creation history, last access, date, and attributes assigned to files. We can also generate various types of file systems in CSV format. In the XYplorer software, you can select customizable display formats for different types of files and allocate a specific space for each file and folder. There is a large collection of useful options in the software such as copy, transfer, copy a filename with path, bulk renaming, icon extraction, file preview that can be effective in speeding up your jobs.

XYplorer Keygen uses a powerful search function and search engine. It gives you the most suitable tools to perform difficult tasks. This Windows file management software included an optional dual-pane, versatile preview, customizable interface, and tabbed browsing features. Furthermore, XYplorer Crack Serial Key gives you the best way to fully control your existing data. In addition, you drag them to other sections, hide files, lock folders, rename files, and also drop or drop them elsewhere. XYplorer Crack Full Crack includes all the tools you need to manage files and folders on any Windows operating system. Also, download Total Commander 9.

XYplorer Serial Key is a scanning tool and it is used for file management as you usually do with Windows Explorer. XYplorer Portable includes a variety of functions to help you. You can open the location in a new tab and it makes it easy to copy a selected row and rename the files and apply them to the selected patch in one go. You can also find a simple and user-friendly interface in it. The XYplorer download is a versatile document manager. The tools in this software are the most advanced and attractive. This software is compatible with all types of windows. Using this software is easier and simpler. It can also help you run various commands. You can also customize it according to your wish.

XYplorer Pro Activation Key is an integrated file management application that features a versatile preview and highly customizable interface with dual panels. Additionally, XYplorer Pro (formerly known as TrackerV3) combines features found in Windows Explorer with additional dual panels. XYplorer Pro Crack features a tabbed interface, supports drag and drop, supports user-defined commands, comprehensive file preview support, and more. With this software, it will be easy to view the properties and content of files, preview files, find files with Boolean logic and regular expressions.

Features in XYplorer:


  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Server 2019, Server 2016, 8.1, 8, Server 2012, 7, Server 2008, Vista, XP, Server 2003; 32 and 64-bit versions.
  • XYplorer is a portable file manager that does not require any installation or modification of your system or registry. Take it with you and start from a USB stick, with your settings. File management to go.
  • Multilingual support: XYplorer 22.40.0200 serial key is available in English by default, but it supports many other interface languages.


  • Tabbed browsing – advanced file management using a true multi-tabbed interface.
  • The optional dual-pane mode demonstrates productivity and ease of use, especially for those coming from classic file managers.
  • Introducing 6 navigation keys, how to navigate the entire file system with one hand with only 6 buttons.
  • Apart from that, the Live Filter Box allows for very efficient keyboard navigation.
  • Dual breadcrumbs show the path to each panel and allow you to efficiently navigate through the entire file system.
  • My author’s favorite feature is the mini tree, a folder tree that only shows the paths that he uses.
  • Mouse Up View Down allows you to access subfolders or open files directly from an instant preview of the folder contents, with the mouse and non-invasively.

File operations

  • Queued file operations with background processing. Enjoy the speed and security of Copy Queue.
  • Custom Copy, an alternative copy method that includes verification, secure overwrite, detailed reports and logs, and more.
  • Zip support allows you to extract files and add files to them, including pasting, dragging and dropping.
  • Quickly create new items from the configurable menu, a huge time saver.
  • Batch rename using generic patterns, variables, and regular expressions. Preview included.


  • Powerful and fast file search supports Boolean logic, regular expressions, content search, and more.
  • Duplicate File Finder quickly lists duplicate files in any location.
  • There is also a duplicate image finder.
  • Branch view allows you to display the contents of all subfolders of a folder in a single list.
  • Adjustable feed filter lets you quickly focus on a subset of files.
  • Global visual filters can visually limit your file system to items you create this year, month, week, today, and more.


  • Tag-based file management supports assigning individual tags, labels, and comments to any file and folder.
  • Color-code your files by name, size, date, age, or attributes to quickly find what matters to you right now.
  • Tab sets allow you to easily save and load entire workspaces.
  • The Catalog is a favorite steroid panel, serving as a home panel, drop target, and script library.
  • Paper folders allow you to create virtual collections of items from different locations, save search results, or organize photos in a permanent custom order.
  • Save your email from Outlook or Thunderbird by dragging and dropping the “Sent Date”, “Subject”, “To” and “From” fields onto the file name, in the order and format of your choice.


  • One-click preview of all important images, audio, video, web, office, and source file formats.
  • The vertical preview pane offers a simple one-click preview of each selected file in the file list. Learn more …
  • The floating preview is a large preview pane that is separate from the main window for images and documents.
  • Quick Audio Preview allows you to play the audio just by tapping the file icon.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up is a unique way to quickly browse files without opening them, it supports thumbnails and icons and displays images and text.
  • Display Hover Box for click-free previews of images, text, folders, and files.


  • The Custom column can show you everything it can about the file.
  • The size of the folder and the number of items can be directly displayed in the file list and the age of the file. The size can be visualized with a graph.
  • The age circle allows you to instantly understand how old a file is.
  • Copy the name with the path with Ctrl + P and a similar useful little helper.
  • The file hashes can be calculated and displayed.
  • One-click reporting on selected files, folders, or search results, including printed directories in various formats.
  • Information about the length of the file name. The small information bar at the far right of the online renaming area indicates the length of the current file name.


  • Custom event actions. You set what happens when you double-click on a blank space, or when you open a new folder, or in many other events.
  • Folder display settings. Automatically backup and restore display settings for specific folders.
  • User-defined commands will reduce your daily routine to simple taps.
  • Advanced solutions for advanced tasks. Every user’s dream.


  • Dark mode. XYplorer 22.40.0200 Keygen offers a portable, smart, and instant dark mode. One-click and the app will go dark in the blink of an eye.
  • Portable file association. Home is where your double click is.
  • Custom file icons mean that you can specify which icons to display for files and folders in XYplorer.
  • Configurable toolbar where most buttons have a specific context menu.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for almost 700 functions. It’s up to you!

Security and accessibility

  • Multilevel Undo / Redo for file operations, recorded between sessions, lets you fix today what you broke yesterday.
  • Deletion is an irreversible method of safely deleting files and folders.
  • Access control. Control accessible paths and authorized file operations. Characteristics of the company.
  • Quickly adjust all font sizes with Ctrl + Wheel, Line Heights with Ctrl + Shift + Wheel. The toolbar supports large icons. All colors are fully customizable, Windows high contrast color scheme is supported.
  • The drag status area is a color-coded area of ​​information that appears at the mouse pointer when it hovers over the drop target.

What’s New in XYplorer?

  • Add to clipboard. The new Add command allows you to add files to the files that are currently on the clipboard. Hunt and gather.
  • Peek from the clipboard. Now the “Edit Clipboard” button provides a real-time indication of the current clipboard content, so you always know if there is something on the clipboard and of what type (text, image, files). The clipboard is no longer a black box.
  • Restore the previous clipboard. Have you ever accidentally lost some valuable clipboard content? Argh! Relax. The previous state of the clipboard is now automatically stored every time the clipboard changes, and you can toggle between the current and previous state using the new Restore Previous Clipboard command.
  • Nested burger. Now, the hamburger menu on the breadcrumb bar (“Recently, I ordered the hamburger menu at the breadcrumb bar…”) supports submenus.
  • Compilation soundtrack. Compiled with the music of The Last Internationale.

XYplorer Serial Key

System Requirements:

  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

How To Crack XYplorer?

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